Contact Person: William (Bill) Gant
Location: Valley Speedway Athletics

About Us:
The Helena Masters Wrestling Club is a wrestling club for men & women aged 19 and older.  However, we do welcome mature high school wrestlers with prior approval.

Our club‘s focus is simply to promote Freestyle, Greco Roman and Folkstyle wrestling by offering wrestlers/grapplers of differing styles, ages and abilities the opportunity to work out with others in an open mat format.

The advantage of an open mat is it allows wrestlers to direct work outs to meet their personal goals from staying physically fit or drilling techniques – to live wrestling situations, and training for competitions.

All participants are encouraged to bring work out partners, but you’ll always find someone present to wrestle or volunteer coach. Open mats are normally congenial, and the wrestlers usually more than willing to share moves or techniques when asked.

We welcome wrestlers of all skill levels, but we do require individuals with little to no wrestling experience to attend with the understanding that wrestling is an intense physical sport, and you should be in reasonably good physical condition before attempting it.

We are a USA Wrestling chartered club and you should have a USA Wrestling membership card, but you can attend you first 2 workouts without it.
A signed liability waiver is required of everyone before they step on the mat.

Tuesday: 730 – 930 pm
Thursday: 730 – 930 pm
Sunday: 12 – 2 pm

Cost: First two practices are on the house, if you’d like to continue fees are $50.00 a month, $10.00 for a drop-in work out.
*We offer students a 50% discount on club fees.

Helena Masters Wrestling Club
1410 Valley Speedway Road
Helena 59602