Masters is the term used to identify wrestlers that are 25 years and older. This is a class of divisions created by USA Wrestling.

There is also a class of adult wrestling divisions called Veterans. Veterans are wrestlers that are 35-70 years old and is not to be confused with people who have served in the military.

The Masters division is split up into 6 age groups. Each group is designated by one of the first 6 letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, E and F.

Div. A: Ages 25-34
Div. B: Ages 35-42
Div. C: Ages 43-50
Div. D: Ages 51-58
Div. E: Ages 59-66
Div. F: Ages 67-75

Masters Weight Classes:

58 kg/127.6 lbs
62 kg/136.6 lbs
70 kg/154.2 lbs
78 kg/172 lbs
88 kg/194 lbs
100 kg /220.4 lbs
130 kg /286.6 lbs